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Living Life in a Nordic Way

Living Life in a Nordic Way

Living Life in a Nordic Way


It has been consistently reported since 2013 that Nordic countries collectively the Scandinavia, – Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland have always been in the top 10 ranking of the World Happiness Reports. What could be the reason? Although considered the happiest, some believe that "contentment" is a more appropriate word to describe the answer. Some factors behind the World Happiness Reports data reveal that Nordic people are likely contented with their countries' low crime and corruption rates, high level of trust between the citizens and their government that leads to social cohesion, freedom of expression, gender and workplace equality, etc. No wonder happiness is always next to them! With these factors listed, one can firmly conclude that life in the Nordic is very much well-balanced. Just try to create a picture of what Nordic looks like, surely you'll get to love the result! Besides, just being informed about life in the Nordics already makes a beautiful life in your head. Why not try to adopt the Nordic lifestyle and try to apply it in our lives? Below are some to consider:

1. Minimalism - "The ability to simplify without losing beauty."

One of the Nordic lifestyle concepts is being less and simple. Nordic minimalism gives the idea that getting rid of unnecessary things sometimes gives off a feeling of simplicity rather than making things look messy or complicated. Whether talking about fashion, style, or energy, less is good. Using less energy to conserve electricity, less time on technology and try connecting with nature, less complains–less is beautiful.

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Monochromatic palette brings simplicity and elegance.

2. Practicing "Hygge" – the state of being cozy, warm, and safe; Danish people call it hygge. The concept of Hygge explains a state where creating comfort for yourself. Everything that makes one feel safe and comfortable is hygge–being next to someone you love, sipping a cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop, watching your favorite movie in your room, or decluttering things, everything that puts you in comfort is hygge! 

3. Connecting with nature – the world is becoming more technology-focused these days but some still have their eyes on the opposite. In the Scandinavian region, people are known to have a strong connection with nature. They often spend their family time outside rather than staying at home with phones in their hand. Hiking, camping, and fishing, are just some of the activities they do to connect with nature which gives them happiness in every single time. 

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