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Ways to Support Earth Day 2024

Ways to Support Earth Day 2024

Happy Earth Day! Earth Day is an annual event celebrated every 22nd of April as a reminder for everyone to conserve and preserve Earth's natural resources. For the record, the first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970, in the United States and was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson. He organized and made April 22nd a national celebration which was followed and supported by over 190 countries and has become a global movement since then. Earth Day provides an awareness regarding the Earth's issues that degrade its natural beauty, such as pollution, climate change, global warming, etc. These issues bring people together to participate and engage in different activities concerning this event.   

As one of the fashion industry's sustainable brands, we take part in supporting this important day by listing things that we can do to preserve the Earth. It's not too late to take an action. Save the future.  

Plant a tree - Every little step counts! Instill in your young ones that they can also make a difference. Teach them to plant trees at a young age. Trees contribute in many ways by providing shade which helps cool the surroundings and releases oxygen that is helpful for every living organism. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - Conserve resources by following the 3R mantra; Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Reuse things to reduce the demand of producing a new one. Reduce your waste by generating less consumption in your food, materials, or even energy usage. Recycle materials including paper, bottles, or metal to reduce the need for virgin materials.  

Conserve water and energy - Support Earth Day by conserving water and energy. Use containers to control the right amount of water usage. Turn off lights or any appliance that uses electricity, when not in use.

Opt for eco-friendly products - Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing products that are made eco-friendly. Look for products that are organic or made from natural and renewable materials. Try to avoid products that contain harmful and toxic materials.  

Support sustainable brands - Be a responsible consumer by supporting sustainable brands. Buy from brands that prioritize the planet’s well-being. Sustainable brands use high-quality materials in their products that are sourced naturally and often use ethical practices within their supply chain including fair labor, safe working conditions, and fair wages for their workers. 

Educate yourself - Knowledge is power. Educate yourself by researching topics that are related to Earth Day. Research on issues about climate change, pollution, or deforestation and be able to share this learning to people around you. Be a pillar of change and an advocate of positivity to help sustain the planet. 

Participate  - Be involved. Be a volunteer. Participate in events that support Earth Day such as clean-ups or tree planting. Clean-ups include collecting waste from oceans and rivers. Be an inspiration by sharing experiences with others.  

Go paperless - Reduce the usage of paper by opting for digital communications. Use digital payments, emails, e-books, etc. Choosing digital isn’t only a more convenient way of life but it can also help reduce the need to produce paper in receipts and bills.

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